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Patient Testimonials

"The combination of skills, concern for patient wishes, gentleness and common sense that Dr. Rubin brings to her practice have made her invaluable to me in the many years I have been in her care. Dr. Rubin [She] is remarkably effective in weighing my medical, aesthetic and budgetary concerns when creating a course of treatment."

Dr. L. Sumption

"Dr Rubin his guided me from frightened irresponsibility to a place of confident and committed understanding of how to take care of my mouth."

Lisa Harmon

"Many teeth of mine that otherwise might have been lost have been saved specifically due to Dr. Rubin's proficiency and expertise. She is extremely gentle, especially with injections. She takes the time to explain the particulars no matter how long it takes."

Henrietta Johnson

"Having neglected-out of sheer terror of dentistry-my teeth for far too long, I presented Dr. Rubin with a mouth full of barely viable, yellowed enamel ridges that were once teeth, Many visits--drilling, filling, scraping, shaping--later I emerged with renewed dentition and a phobia broken. She does good work."

P. Hammond

"Dr. Rubin combines superb technique with the most compassionate "chairside" manner I have ever encountered. One always feels safe and well taken care of by her."

Richard Azzolini

"Through Dr. Rubin's care and guidance I have learned to be responsible and committed to the health of my teeth."


 "I liked the Bach Flower Remedy a lot. Very good conversation. I will try to come back for the rest of my life."

Catherine Lafarge




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