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Questions & Answers

What makes Dr. Rubin the dentist for me?
She listens to you and your needs. Her treatment suggestions and plan reflect her interest in you specifically. Her caring and gentleness make the dental experience approaching pleasant.
Where was Dr. Rubin educated?
  Dr. Rubin went to Columbia University and graduated in 1982 with a D.D.S. and M.P.H. . That was followed by a one year residency at Jamaica Hospital in Queens New York. Since then she has been in private practice in New York City. She is on staff at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine located in New York City. She is involved in continuing education on a regular basis.
What's involved in the initial visit?

Dr. Rubin will do a comprehensive initial exam which includes a thorough dental questionnaire, a TMJ exam, a soft tissue exam, a "bite" evaluation, a gum exam and a tooth exam. She will review your x-rays that you brought with you. If you come without films, she will take the appropriate x-rays.

She will leave time for questions that you may have.

Do I need x-rays?
  If you have legible x-rays that are not too old, please bring them. We need radiographs to properly diagnose your condition and certainly to drill into a tooth. If you don't have films, Dr. Rubin takes the minimal number of films that you individually need. These are taken with the digital radiograph machine that cuts down radiation to just 10% of conventional x-rays.
What services does Dr. Rubin provide?
  Dr. Rubin does all of routine dentistry. Her interests in alternative health care may restrict her choice of materials (leaving out the injurious ones) and provide adjunctive therapies to your treatment. She particularly enjoys cosmetic dentistry and restoring your teeth for a healthier smile and body.
How long has the doctor been working with holistic dentistry?
  She has been involved with holistic dentistry since 1984. Dr. Rubin has been practicing dentistry since 1982 at which time she graduated from Columbia University.
Does Dr. Rubin see children?
  Dr. Rubin's practice covers the entire gamut of tooth bearing individuals from toddlers to the elderly.
What are her fees?
  Dr. Rubin's fees are average, maybe even low end of average for a New York City dentist.
What are Dr. Rubins hours?
  Dr Rubin practices 5 days a week including early mornings and evenings.
If she is on vacation is there a Doctor available?
  There is always emergency service. Dr. Rubin is available on weekend hours for emergencies. When she is on vacation, there are dentists that cover for her.
Does Dr. Rubin take my insurance?
  Dr. Rubin takes all insurance but not necessarily as full payment. As a service to you, we send insurance forms for reimbursement after every one of your visits. If we 'predetermine' from your insurance company then you need to pay only 'copayments' at your dental visits.


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