Dr. Esther Rubin, DDS, MPH Holistic Dentistry






What is Natural Dentistry?

Natural dentistry brings a holistic philosophy to dental practice. It uses alternative therapies adjunct to traditional dental science. It harmonizes patients' dental wellness with their overall physical wellbeing.

Natural dentistry stresses prevention over intervention. It employs an approach that avoids unnecessary procedures and performs those that are necessary in the least invasive manner. In essence, less is more. Patients are encouraged to participate in the maintenance of their dental health through diet and home care. Natural dentistry uses only those materials that are known to be safe and non-toxic. In recognizing patients' histories, concerns and needs, natural dentistry creates a comprehensive treatment plan attuned to individual lifestyles.

The smile is one of the most basic social expressions. Everyone goes to great lengths to make a newborn baby smile; most, although toothless, do so unselfconsiously. As people age, however, the state of their teeth has a tremendous impact on their smile and, therefore, how they feel about themselves.

The object of natural dentistry is to transform patients' appearance and to improve their self-image, enabling them to smile again.


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